b. 1985 (Bismarck, ND)
lives and works in Los Angeles, CA
expertise: stop motion, replacement animation, experimental animation
experience in: hand-drawn animation, motion graphics, rapid prototyping
animation teaching experience: middle school, high school, university
short CV below, full CV available upon request
2022         MFA, Experimental Animation, California Institute of the Arts (Valencia, CA)
2012          MA, Latin American Lit. and Cultures, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2008         BS magna cum laude, Spanish & Mathematics, Doane University (Crete, NE) 

2022         Interdisciplinary Project Grant, for MFA thesis project, CalArts

2022         Student Union Grant, CalArts
2020         Harvey Fellowship, Mustard Seed Foundation
2020         Jules Engel Award, CalArts MFA scholarship
2020         Student Union Grant, CalArts
2018–22   Lillian Disney Scholarship, CalArts
2012          Outstanding Event (Gods of the Prairie), Lincoln, Nebraska Mayor’s Art Award

California State University, Long Beach

Lecturer, Experimental Animation (Spring 2023)
Lecturer, Intro Studio: Animation (Fall 2022)

California Institute of the Arts
Instructor, Animating Anarchy (experimental animation, Winter 2023)
TA, 2.5D Stop Motion (Spring 2022, Instructor: Kangmin Kim)

TA, Stop Motion Basics (Fall 2018, Instructor: Pia Borg)

University of North Carolina School of the Arts (Winston-Salem, NC)
Instructor, Experimental Animation Arts Intensive (Winter 2021)

Calibraska Arts Initiative (Lincoln, NE)
Instructor, Animate Now (stop motion, Summer 2020, online)
Instructor, Animation Games (experimental animation, Summer 2020, online)
Instructor, Independent Animation Past & Present (film studies, Summer 2020, online)
TA, Discover Animation (Instructor: Erica Larsen-Dockray, Summer 2019)
TA, Animation and Compositing (Instructor: Erica Larsen-Dockray, Summer 2019)

University of Massachusetts Amherst [Instructor of record for all courses]
Graduate Teaching Associate, Intermediate Spanish 2 (Spring 2012)
Graduate Teaching Associate, Intermediate Spanish 1 (Fall 2011)
Graduate Teaching Associate, Elementary Spanish 2 (Spring 2011)
Graduate Teaching Associate, Elementary Intensive Spanish (Summer 2011, Fall 2010)

Commercial projects

2022   Lead Animator, Muro/Wall, dir. Javier Barboza (Los Angeles, CA)
2021    Asst. Animator,
Crossing Swords Season 2, Stoopid Buddy (Burbank, CA)
2020   Animation Asst.,
Psycho Psalms pilot, Open The Portal (Los Angeles, CA)
2019    Fabricator, “Cozy Little Christmas,” Katy Perry music video (Los Angeles, CA)
2019    Animation Intern,
Robot Chicken Season 10, Stoopid Buddy (Burbank, CA)
2018    Director/Animator,
MACH Energy – Tenant Billing explainer (motion graphics)

as Director/Animator                                    
2022   futile/gestures                                            drawn (experimental) / live action
2022   futile/gestures (installation)                       drawn (experimental)
2022   messages from a few different sources   found footage
2020   Meow Chow                                               collage, replacement animation
2020   Andrina                                                       found footage, replacement
2020   Art School                                                   found footage
2020   Google Majuro (installation)                      motion graphics
2019    covfefe                                                        replacement animation
2019    How I Learned to Stop Worrying               replacement animation, lasercutting
2018    to Robert                                                     drawn (traditional)
2018    collagegalloc (installation)                         motion graphics
2018    glasses (installation)                                   replacement animation
2017    A Delivery                                                   drawn (traditional)
2017    Crusaders                                                   collage, motion graphics

as Stop Motion Animator, CalArts student shorts                                    
2022   Sea Angels                     dir. Cissi Efraimsson
2022   Sweet Tooth                   dir. Joan Hui Ko
2021    With Love, Escargot       dir. Kesiah Manival
2021    Resonance                      dir. Meredith Quinn
2020   The Forbidden Zone      dir. Zach Tolchinsky
2019    The Other Space            dir. Blake Derksen

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